Promoting agricultural innovation to improve rural livelihoods

Innovation in tropical rural areas is key to driving sustainable growth and poverty reduction through climate smart and socially inclusive agricultural systems.

It also important in fulfilling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; especially 1 – ending poverty, and 2 – ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.

CDAIS –Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems –supports the development of policies and approaches at the global level, and tests these with national and local innovation partnerships. CDAIS is a partnership developed and implemented by Agrinatura and FAO, and is supported by the European Union.

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Discover the CDAIS project

Agricultural innovation is key in the fight against rural poverty and to ensure that there is food enough for everybody.

CDAIS is a global partnership that is working to improve capacities for agricultural innovation systems.

It aims to capitalize on renewed political support for agricultural innovation systems (AIS), bringing together global and local players

in support of low income countries lacking the resources to invest in this area.

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Sharing and shaping a better future

Catalysing agricultural innovation through strengthening functional capacities, or soft skills  “CDAIS has been able to bring us all together. It is a small project, but filled with passion. CDAIS has been able to weave together the many different mandates of its partners and this is very much appreciated. There were many challenges but CDAIS tackled


Results in Ethiopia show positive outcomes from CDAIS activities, proving the benefits of integrating functional capacity strengthening across individual, partnership, organisational and national levels. Common to all these levels are the CDAIS team, who tell their stories here alongside other partners. Examples are presented from one of the five innovation partnerships in Ethiopia, and how

CDAIS members building bridges for change

Team members of the EU-funded Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) project met from the 18thto 22nd February 2019 in the heart of Lisbon, a few metres from the renowned ‘Ponto 25 de Abril’ suspension bridge, often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This also offers a rather appropriate image that describes the

Meet Parvez Chowdhury, CDAIS National Innovation Facilitator from Bangladesh

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet Parvez Chowdhury from the FISH NICHE in Bangladesh. “CDAIS has given me the opportunity to learn different functional skills needed for working more intensively with fish farmers and

Story of change – update from Laos

From fins to feathers: the power of trial and error – January 2019 – By Lampheuy Kaensombath and Syphachan Vannasy – Fall down seven times, stand up eight This old Japanese proverb is meant to encourage people to see what many might call ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn and grow. The CDAIS experience with

Story of Change – update from Laos

Scaling out pig production in Dong Kha to the district – January 2019 – By Lampheuy Kaensombath and Khamla Sengphaxaiyalath – Eight group members and two DAFO (government) staff spent a week in November 2018 in Vientiane learning to make sausages. Making sausages is not very difficult. Making good sausages is a little more difficult, but

High-Level​ Policy Dialogue for Agricultural Innovation ​: a CDAIS Flagship Event in Burkina Faso

This Friday, January 25, 2019 a Policy dialogue meeting was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso under the very high patronage of the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation (MESRSI). Organized as part of the CDAIS project for the validation of a national action plan supporting agricultural innovation, this Policy Dialogue was a great success both

Story of Change – update from Laos

Organic produce taking root in consumers’ minds – January 2019 –  As the Lao economy grows, so does demand for healthy food like organically grown fruits and vegetables. “We started a group to grow organic vegetables around 2012 and we tried again in 2015 with DAFO [government] support,” says Mrs Khammone, leader of the Tongmang


THE PROFILES OF CDAIS National Innovation Facilitators are now ONLINE! They come from eight countries, from varied backgrounds and with a wide range of experience and knowledge. They have one thing in common, they are the CDAIS National Innovation Facilitators. Through their daily work in the field, from one partnership to another, they encourage farmers and


MOROCCO LAUNCHES  THE “AAA INITIATIVE FOUNDATION” Wednesday, the 16thof January– The Foundation for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to Climate Change, abbreviated “AAA Initiative Foundation”, has just been created to help finance the Triple A initiative. Launched upstream of COP22 (organized in Morocco), the initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA) aims to reduce

CALL: The International Innovation Award for sustainable Food and Agriculture

International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture : the Call for nomination is OPEN ! Innovation is contributing to the global effort to reach Zero Hunger. FAO and the Government of Switzerland are calling on individuals, private companies or institutions to submit a nomination for one of the following categories before 28 February 2019: Award for Digitalization

[FAO Symposium] CDAIS reaches a global audience

In the heart of Rome at the end of November, 600 delegates gathered for three days at the world headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The reason? To share experiences and forge a way forward for promoting innovation in agriculture. And more than 40 people involved in the CDAIS project

The Story of Change book is available!

Discover 24 stories from the CDAIS project! We hope that these stories encourage and inspire you to be part of these change process! Download the document HERE !

ETHIOPIA – A Story of change on chickpea

Innovating with chickpea cluster farming – listening and learning together Chickpea is an important crop in Ethiopia, but yields and grain quality remain poor. To help unlock the full potential, CDAIS has supported the value chain around the northern city of Gondar since 2016, in partnership with the N2Africa project. As a result of new

BANGLADESH – A Story of change on pineapple

Building a public–private pineapple partnership in the Chittagong Hill Tracts Individual farmers often receive low prices for their harvest, and pineapple producers in Bangladesh are no exception. To help them, CDAIS facilitated a series of meetings and coaching. Starting with a capacity needs assessment workshop in April 2017, a coaching plan was developed to meet

RWANDA – A story of change on dairy

Meaningful meetings mean more milk “Burera dairy opened in September 2015 but immediately had problems in sourcing milk as there was no organized supply chain” explains Managing Director Emmanuel Mahoro. “But things improved when everyone involved began to meet.” Beginning in November 2016 with a capacity needs assessment workshop, CDAIS has helped to bring different

RWANDA – A story of change on Rwangingo catchment

Finding common interests and promoting collaboration to resolve conflicts in water use Centred on a reservoir and irrigation scheme for livestock keepers and crop producers, the core objective of CDAIS Rwangingo catchment was to promote fair, effective and efficient use of water, as well asconflict management through collaboration among users. It stimulated a partnership framework

RWANDA – A story of change on cassava

Cooperation increases cassava production and processing Cassava is an important crop especially in the south of Rwanda. A processing factory was constructed, but it was unable to source enough roots to make it profitable. Since CDAIS became involved, however, actors got together, saw the problems and agreed ways forward. Now a few years later business

RWANDA – CDAIS reflection and refinement processes

The first round of reflection and refinement workshops was successfully completed in the three Rwandan innovation partnerships between 3rd and 11th September 2018. Each was followed with internal R&R meetings as the national team also reflected on the workshops and on their own facilitation, and refined how to improved data collection for the monitoring, evaluation

Laos – A story of change on agricultural innovation

Nurturing agents of change in agricultural innovation “Donor funded projects usually work separately from the government,” says Oudong Keomipheth, Deputy Director of the Planning and Cooperation Division, NAFRI and CDAIS Country Project Manager . “But instead of setting up their own office or partnering with a national NGO, CDAIS has partnered with us, the government.”

LAOS: A story of change on rice

From virtual reality to real-world change – using a simulation game to increase cooperation in a rice value chain I have been to many meetings about policy but never a meeting like this! The CDAIS simulation reflects the way people really work. You can see the real problems” says Mr Vixay Somchalern, head of the

GUATEMALA – A Story of Change on bees

Making the move from traditional to modern beekeeping From the Maya to modern times, beekeeping has been a much respected rural activity in Guatemala. Then in recent years, production increased and a national association was formed. But internal disagreements soon saw a fall in production and sales. Then thanks to CDAIS, producers across the country

CDAIS Global Team Meeting – Greenwich, July 2018

CDAIS at full speed thanks to its team At the foot of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, that stands as permanent reminder for us to keep looking for the right direction, the 7th CDAIS Global Team Meeting, was held from 2nd to 6th July 2018. Country teams were represented by the Agrinatura Focal Persons

HONDURAS – A Story of Change on beans

Building competence, confidence and pride amongst bean farmers “The empowerment of our organization was important, to realise our potential to access to finance, markets and to make bean cultivation more productive” expresses Moises Acosta, vice-president of the Honduran Seed Producers Network, “and the bean value chain is now being strengthened and made more sustainable.” He

LAOS – A Story of Change on pig production

Pig farmers building bridges to success “Working with CDAIS has given us not only knowledge and skills, but also the confidence to make connections with the government and other partners.” says Mrs Dao Sansihalath, member of the Xanakham women’s pig rearing group. “What we have learnt is practical and is helping us grow our business

TAPipedia webinar in FRENCH: “Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation through TAPipedia” – 10 July 2018

The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) are pleased to invite you to the webinar in French: Partager les connaissances sur le renforcement des capacités pour l’innovation agricole à travers TAPipedia (Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation through TAPipedia) Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2018  Time: 11:30 AM

LAOS – A Story of Change on cattle production

Cattle producers blazing new trails Smallholder farmers the world over like to raise cattle if they can and those in Lao PDR are no exception. “Cattle are our savings bank,” says Mr Phokham Keomanivong, a member of the Ban Keun cattle production group. “If you need money for an emergency or a special event like

GUATEMALA – Story of change on avocado

Moving from annual to tree crops – avocado farmers adapting and learning On 5 May 2018, the Association for Integrated Development of the Altiplano became formally established, and avocado farmers celebrated. “Today, we are so happy to have consolidated our consortium of eight producer associations from different municipalities in Sololá” explains Don Andrés, community leader

CDAIS 2017 Annual report

The 2017 annual report is available!   Download the CDAIS 2017 Global overview here!

HONDURAS – A Story of Change on cacao

Creating spaces for cacao producers to find new markets and build new capacities “CDAIS does not give us money, but it opens spaces for cacao producers, associations and industry to work together” says Sergio Segovia, president of the ASOPROCCAN association. Actors in the cocoa chain of Atlántida on the north coast are, thanks to CDAIS,

HONDURAS – A story of Change on coffee

Improving coffee quality and commercialization by promoting collaboration “We first needed to know who we are, what we offer, and how to offer it,” says coffee farmer Denis Cortez. “We in the partnership organized ourselves, and now all get involved in working for the common good. We are more aware of the impacts of what

BURKINA FASO: A story of change on small family business

“Quality is what we need – and the quality of our new relationships helps us with the quality of our cereals” For many years, rural women have been creating their own agri-food processing companies, that promote local agriculture by bringing to the market original foods in products that are accessible to urban populations. The aim

CENTRAL AMERICA – Guatemala and Honduras strengthen organizational and agricultural innovation systems

In the framework of the development of the CDAIS organizational analysis phase for the delivery of ‘innovation support services’, a workshop for facilitators from Guatemala and Honduras was held from 15 to 17 May 2018. The workshop aimed to develop skills for organizational analysis focused on bridging institutions that provide innovation support services. Participants from

Meet Rwanda’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Leon! Meet Anita! Meet Straton! Meet Gisèle! Meet Leonidas! Meet Corneille!

Meet Laos’ National Innovation Facilitators and Country Project Manager!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) and the Country Project Manager (CPM) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Khamla ‘Pern’ Sengphaxaiyalath! Meet Nikhom Chanphava! Meet Khamla Thammachak! Meet Syphachan ‘TouLee’ Vannasy! Meet Oudong Keomipheth! Meet Lampheuy Kaensombath!

HONDURAS – Story of change

Potato producers turn pest problems into policy processes “The CDAIS project brings an innovative methodology because it creates capacities in us as human beings” explains Carlos Valladares of the Intibucá Farmers Network. “This has improved our understanding of our situation, we have taken full responsibility for it, and are now better able to obtain and

GUATEMALA – Story of change

Improving nutrition – from new partnerships promoting a new bean variety “Before, people were not really interested” says Lionel Ozorio, president of the ATESCATEL seed cooperative, “but CDAIS has helped to bring people together and now we see much more buy-in.” This innovation partnership is building key functional capacities amongst producer associations, and now, bringing

GUATEMALA – From plans to actions in Guatemala

The CDAIS Guatemala innovation partnership on beans held the first of its intended activities on Monday 16th April in Atescatempa. A few kilometres from the El Salvador border in the dry south-east of the country, the department of Jutiapa suffers particularly from poor harvests, diets, and malnutrition, especially amongst mothers and children. In response, this

Meet Honduras’ National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Julia! Meet Rudy! Meet Hector! Meet Arlis!

Meet Burkina Faso’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Kiogo! Meet Nikiema! Meet Marc! Meet Armel! Meet Idrissa! Meet Azara! Meet Drissa!

Meet Ethiopia’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Meti Tamrat Fite! Meet Tolesa Alemu! Meet Getachew Asmare! Meet Turuwark Zalalam Warkineh! Meet Tegegne Wakoya! Meet Samson Eshetu! Meet Kebebe Ergano! Meet Abiro Tigabie

Meet Guatemala’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Mandi! Meet Percy! Meet Fernando! Meet Cristian!

HONDURAS: Creating spaces and moving forward in Honduras

A busy four days in Honduras ended on Thursday 12 April with a meeting of the national CDAIS team in San Pedro Sula. National innovation facilitators reflected on progress in recent months in the ‘niche’ partnerships in which they work, under the guidance of CDAIS country programme manager Edgardo Navarro. The day’s discussions were facilitated

Meet Angola’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Juliana! Meet Romão! Meet Zeferino! Meet Oliveira!

Meet Bangladesh’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Salah Uddin Ibne Syed’s profile Fatema Wadud “Shila” ‘s profile Mohammed Moshiur Rahman’s profile Mohammed Sorof Uddin’s profile Mohammad Jamal Uddin’s profile Rozana Wahab’s profile

ANGOLA – Story of Change

Growing hope, from new knowledge on a new crop Rice is produced in other parts of Angola, but not in the area around Bailundo, though conditions are favourable and there is much local demand. Building on the provision of technical expertise from other organisations, CDAIS is adding capacity development of another sort, of the ‘soft

ANGOLA – Story of Change

From knowing needs to sowing seeds “CDAIS is interesting for us because it is improving how we operate”, explains Francisco Venda, president of the Sementes do Planalto seed cooperative based in Bailundo. “We work with many partners, and the new skills have proved invaluable.” Since 2016, CDAIS has been working with this group, helping them

ANGOLA – Story of Change

“Of course we have problems, but we have learnt to see them as positive problems“ “When I first heard about the CDAIS project two years ago, I knew immediately that it was just what our group of farmers was looking for” explains Edgar Somacumbi. “We have land, seeds, tractors and all the equipment we want,

ANGOLA: reflecting on work done, and what has to be done!

On 21 February 2018, a second CDAIS capacity development workshop was held at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in José Eduardo dos Santos University, in Huambo, central Angola. The workshop was attended by 34 participants, including the National Innovation Facilitators, the Country Project Manager, the Agrinatura Focal Point, many actors from the three innovation partnerships

CENTRAL AMERICA – Honduras and Guatemala show great progresses in agricultural innovation systems

The CDAIS project, implemented in America Central by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) as the Agrinatura representative  and the FAO, organised a workshop around Facilitation of Innovation Processes, 5-9 February 2018, Guatemala City. Participants to the workshop were a group of 25 facilitators who accompany the different innovation partnerships: beans, potatoes, cocoa and

BURKINA FASO – Story of change

Organic certification takes root, thanks to everyone working together “Thanks to the money I earn from producing organic vegetables, this helps with the costs of schooling my children. I also feed my family with healthy food, and don’t buy any vegetables at the market anymore” says Clarisse Ilboudo, a farmer in the Koubri women’s group,

BANGLADESH – News post

The CDAIS Bangladesh team visited the new executive chairman of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council – the CDAIS national executing agency – today to brief him about the project and its activities. The team said goodbye to Dr Mohammed Shahjahan, who is retiring from his role as national project coordinator, and welcomed the new NPC,

All afloat and swimming together at the latest CDAIS Agrinatura Task Team meeting

The latest Agrinatura Task Team meeting proved yet again the importance of one aspect of their work. To promote the development of ‘soft skills’ within innovation niche partnership and as been done in the eight CDAIS pilot countries, physical gatherings of those involved are paramount to achieving success. This sixth ATT meeting since the project

ANGOLA – New partnership fliers released

The CDAIS team in Angola produced new fliers (in portuguese) to present the innovation partnership that are being supported in Angola. Discover them: !

BANGLADESH: December update – making changes happen…

“Through the CDAIS project we will now work together and find the pathway to solve our problems. CDAIS means motivation, CDAIS means ties, CDAIS means mutual cooperation, CDAIS means production, CDAIS means development.” Rithish Pondith, Reliance Aqua Farms, Trishal ‘Understanding the monitoring, evaluation and learning framework for CDAIS’ was a one-day workshop held on 3rd

ETHIOPIA – Story of Change

The ‘need for seed’ improves agricultural yield, but requires more than just improved technologies To ensure food security, farmers must have access to quality seed, in adequate quantities. The government of Ethiopia acknowledges this, and has responded by investing in improving the seed sector. However, as this example shows, not all challenges can be overcome

LAOS – A Story of change on organic production

Sowing the seeds of an organic and nutritious future “We have changed already since CDAIS started working with us” said Mrs Khammone Luanglath. “Because of the project, we have for example divided our responsibilities within the group and our profits have increased.” The CDAIS project is working with a group of organic vegetable growers in

BURKINA FASO – Strengthening partnerships to help women’s enterprises

Women and others involved in the food processing industry met in Bobo Dioulasso on Friday 8 December. There were some 20 people at the meeting, held in the town’s cultural centre. This workshop was for the women-led family food processing microentreprises innovation niche partnership, led by CDAIS facilitator Raymond Kiogo, and Adama Traoré from the

BANGLADESH Story of change

“We must work together to increase mango production” “We realized that we need to work together, and are now seeing changes happen” said Omar Ali, President of the newly formed Shibganj Mango Association. Farmers and orchard owners saw the need to change when interest in mango production grew after exports to the EU started in

LAOS – A Story of change on rice production

Diversifying rice production with frogs, fish and more “I have seen my income grow since I started farming frogs and fish” says Bounlium Planethavong, “but other farmers need support to adopt the techniques I use.” The CDAIS project identified this innovation that increases and diversifies household income and nutrition by promoting the production of aquatic

ANGOLA: October / November update

Work advances with a recent visit by the project manager and members of the team to the three niche partnerships. Further capacity building was arranged for November, and preparations are in full swing for the ‘marketplace event. Visits to partnerships Country programme manager Fátima do Nascimento and national innovation facilitator Lito visited the three CDAIS

ETHIOPIA: Confirming the CDAIS ‘coaching plan’ in Ethiopia

On the 21st and 22nd of November 2017, participants from all of Ethiopia’s five innovation niche partnerships met to discuss and agree next steps for the CDAIS coaching plan and process. “All is now clear in my mind. I have seen how the coaching plan and process has been refined and simplified, and how to

Putting concepts into practice: factsheets on stages and tools in support of Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) process

The implementing partners of CDAIS developed a serie of factsheets outlining tools and approaches to promote capacity development projects for agricultural innovation systems (AIS) that has just been released. Each factsheet includes an introduction on each of the five stages of the CDAIS cycle used and implemented by the CDAIS project. Discover the 5 factsheets!

BANGLADESH Story of change

From green to silver: diversifying and intensifying production from rice to fish farming Today, entering Trishal, Mymensingh on the road from Dhaka, one sees rows of fish ponds. One after the other, they show a massive diversification from rice to fish cultivation in recent years, and an intensification of production. The tradeoffs between green crops

RWANDA Story of change

“CDAIS has helped me understand better the challenges in the milk value chain, from farmer to final consumer.” In November 2016, a CDAIS capacity needs assessment of a community milk processing centre started a process that has seen clear changes in less than a year. The Burera dairy was selected as one of the country’s

BURKINA FASO Story of change

“It was a marketplace of innovative ideas, with a cocktail of partners” The CDAIS ‘marketplace’ to promote agricultural innovations in Burkina Faso took place on July 6th 2017 in Ouagadougou. It was a rich event involving more than 80 people who are working directly with, or interested in working with, different partnerships. The marketplace allowed

ETHIOPIA Story of change

“We can achieve change only by promoting innovative ways to learn, reflect, and work together” “I see mindset shifts being promoted by CDAIS says Gemechu Nemie, director of the Ethiopian Animal Feed Industry Association (EAFIA) and a key member of the livestock feed safety and quality innovation niche. And this is the sort of change

NEW! A new series of posters just published

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find each country posters at: Angola posters Bangladesh posters Burkina Faso posters Ethiopia posters Guatemala posters Honduras posters Lao posters Rwanda posters

A week of reflection on building new skills to enhance agricultural innovation

Participants from eight countries in Africa, Asia and Central America, along with many global partners, made their way home from Laos on 23 September after an intense week of sharing their experiences and moving forward. In 2015, they were given the challenging task of putting into practice a new concept, developed some years earlier… Improving

BURKINA FASO – New posters

The CDAIS team prepares to gather in Laos for its annual meeting. And several posters have been prepared to show recent activities and achievements in Burkina Faso.           To download the documents, please follow the links:

NEW! A new series of fliers just published.

CDAIS is happy to announce the publication of the first of series of fliers by the eight pilot countries. Each ‘Introducing innovation niche partnerships’ flier outlines the different areas that were selected in each country, and where CDAIS and its partners are actively working. Find all “Introducing innovation niche partnerships” fliers below, and in each

Poster Burkina Faso

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Burkina Faso posters on the publications page.

Poster Rwanda

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Rwandan posters on the publications page.

Poster Laos

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Laos posters on the publications page.

Poster Honduras

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Honduran posters on the publications page.

Poster Guatemala

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Guatemalan posters on the publications page.

Poster Ethiopia

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Ethiopian posters on the publications page.

Poster Bangladesh

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Bangladesh posters on the publications page.

Poster Burkina Faso

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Burkina Faso posters on the publications page.

Poster from Angola

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Angolan posters on the publications page.

Discover the trainer’s manual

Trainer’s Manual preview Donwload the CDAIS Trainer’s Manual here! Building on CDAIS training experience, this manual has been developed to support the activities of the CDAIS project.This manual is a resource for the training of National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) across all 8 countries. The objective of the training is to strengthen the NIFs’ facilitation skills

CDAIS Annual report 2016

The 2016 annual report is available!   Download the CDAIS 2016 Global overview here!

GUATEMALA – Validation and Market Place

The needs assessment validation process which had begun on September 2016 took place from 20th to 22nd March 2017. Results from previous workshops have been integrated on 22nd, to enable a clear presentation of demands to the potential suppliers on the 23rd, day of the Market Place. Both events took place in Antigua Guatemala, taking

HONDURAS – Validation and Market Place

The Market Place event took place in Honduras on 31st of March 2017 in Tegucigalpa. It has been organized under the leadership of FAO (national office and Rome-based office) in partnership with Agrinatura/AICS and ICRA. Participants were the main stakeholders of selected niches (potatoes, coffee, cacao and beans) of Intibucá, Lempira, Atlántida y Olancho departments.

A comprehensive overview of investments and Human Resource Capacity in African Agricultural Research – new report

Countries in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) have made progress increasing their investments to agriculture, honoring regionwide commitments such as CAADP. However, new data and analysis by Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI) shows that growth in agricultural research investments has lagged considerably behind spending on other agricultural areas, such as farm support, subsidies,

LAOS – a Market Place in Vientiane

A Market Place has been organized in Vientiane (Laos) in May 2017, to strengthen partnerships for capacity development for agricultural innovation systems. Read the FAO news here:

Training of CDAIS’ country project managers: Concrete tools for dealing with stakeholders

  “I have the theoretical knowledge of facilitating multi-stakeholder processes. But this course made it all concrete and practical,“ says Nasreen Sultana at the end of the three week long course Linking research to inclusive development for food security – Facing rural innovation challenges. As country manager in Bangladesh, Nasreen is in charge of the

ANGOLA – Facilitators prepared for needs assessment

National facilitators play a key role in implementing the CDAIS project, which builds capacity development for agricultural innovations systems in eight countries. The project made an important step forward by successfully training 11 national innovation facilitators in Angola. After the training, which took place in Chianga, Province of Huambo, 3-6 October, some of the facilitators

BANGLADESH – Innovation facilitators to improve livelihoods

A team of national innovation facilitators is now established in Bangladesh, after 16 facilitators were trained in October. These facilitators will now implement the capacity needs assessment of the innovation partnerships and niches that CDAIS works on in Bangladesh. Initially the focus will be on the mango, tomato and poultry sectors. The newly trained facilitators

ICRA 2015 Annual Report

2015 – a year of revitalization and achievement the ICRA 2015 Annual Report provides highlights of our ongoing activities with partners in business, development, research and education. In 2015, we, at ICRA, spent a lot of time further evolving our strategy, so ICRA can continue to play an important role in supporting the capacities of smallholder

Assessing the needs for capacity development

Where should the focus be for capacity development, to improve agricultural innovation systems, as a means of ensuring higher and more sustainable productivity to fight food insecurity and rural poverty? This is the main question in eight pilot countries as the Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation, or CDAIS project, enters its second year. From the

BANGLADESH – “Working together is a great step forward”

Bangladesh’s capacities to innovate and improve agriculture productivity.  The enthusiasm was impressive. Almost one hundred people from many different backgrounds came together in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to give their input to a major new initiative called ‘Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems’, or CDAIS. This inception workshop, 5-6 December, organized by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council and the

Innovation for agricultural transformation in Rwanda

The need to improve the capacity to innovate in the agricultural sector was the overarching conclusion when representatives from 21 organizations met in Kigali, Rwanda, on 10-11 November 2015. The national inception workshop of ‘Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems’ (CDAIS) global partnership also marked the launch of the programme in Rwanda. The 35 participants

Beans, coffee and cocoa: Hondurans set priorities for innovation niches

Key stakeholders involved in different aspects of agriculture in Honduras gathered to analyze the needs and local priorities to better innovate in agriculture.  The inception workshop of CDAIS, in the capital city Tegucigalpa on 18-19 November 2015, served as a space to share and learn from all the involved parts about their interest and potential


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