Population 12.661.733
Country area 26.338 km²
Agricultural land 74.5 %
GDP per capita 1.400 USD
Dynamic datas are a cross-country analysis 


Agriculture forms the backbone of Rwanda’s economy and employs more than 80% of the active workforce. But although agricultural production and productivity have greatly improved, much remains at subsistence level, and the majority of farmers still use traditional farming methods.

Latest news

RWANDA – A story of change on dairy

Meaningful meetings mean more milk “Burera dairy opened in September 2015 but immediately had problems in sourcing milk as there was no organized supply chain” explains Managing Director Emmanuel Mahoro. “But things improved when everyone involved began to meet.” Beginning in November 2016 with a capacity needs assessment workshop, CDAIS has helped to bring different

RWANDA – A story of change on Rwangingo catchment

Finding common interests and promoting collaboration to resolve conflicts in water use Centred on a reservoir and irrigation scheme for livestock keepers and crop producers, the core objective of CDAIS Rwangingo catchment was to promote fair, effective and efficient use of water, as well asconflict management through collaboration among users. It stimulated a partnership framework

RWANDA – A story of change on cassava

Cooperation increases cassava production and processing Cassava is an important crop especially in the south of Rwanda. A processing factory was constructed, but it was unable to source enough roots to make it profitable. Since CDAIS became involved, however, actors got together, saw the problems and agreed ways forward. Now a few years later business

RWANDA – CDAIS reflection and refinement processes

The first round of reflection and refinement workshops was successfully completed in the three Rwandan innovation partnerships between 3rd and 11th September 2018. Each was followed with internal R&R meetings as the national team also reflected on the workshops and on their own facilitation, and refined how to improved data collection for the monitoring, evaluation

Meet Rwanda’s National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Leon! Meet Anita! Meet Straton! Meet Gisèle! Meet Leonidas! Meet Corneille!

RWANDA Story of change

“CDAIS has helped me understand better the challenges in the milk value chain, from farmer to final consumer.” In November 2016, a CDAIS capacity needs assessment of a community milk processing centre started a process that has seen clear changes in less than a year. The Burera dairy was selected as one of the country’s

Poster Rwanda

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Rwandan posters on the publications page.

Innovation for agricultural transformation in Rwanda

The need to improve the capacity to innovate in the agricultural sector was the overarching conclusion when representatives from 21 organizations met in Kigali, Rwanda, on 10-11 November 2015. The national inception workshop of ‘Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems’ (CDAIS) global partnership also marked the launch of the programme in Rwanda. The 35 participants