Population 8.893.259
Country area 112.090 km²
Agricultural land 28.8 %
GDP per capita 5.200 USD
Dynamic datas are a cross-country analysis 


Like other countries in the region, Honduras’ economy is based on natural resources. The agricultural sector is to a large extent the engine behind the country’s recent economic growth. Agriculture is Honduras’ third largest sector and contributes to 13.5% of GDP and employs 37% of the workforce.

A number of obstacles remain to fully harness the agricultural potential in Honduras. These include lack of investments and finances, limited access to technical assistance and capacity development.

Latest news

HONDURAS – A Story of Change on beans

Building competence, confidence and pride amongst bean farmers “The empowerment of our organization was important, to realise our potential to access to finance, markets and to make bean cultivation more productive” expresses Moises Acosta, vice-president of the Honduran Seed Producers Network, “and the bean value chain is now being strengthened and made more sustainable.” He

HONDURAS – A Story of Change on cacao

Creating spaces for cacao producers to find new markets and build new capacities “CDAIS does not give us money, but it opens spaces for cacao producers, associations and industry to work together” says Sergio Segovia, president of the ASOPROCCAN association. Actors in the cocoa chain of Atlántida on the north coast are, thanks to CDAIS,

HONDURAS – A story of Change on coffee

Improving coffee quality and commercialization by promoting collaboration “We first needed to know who we are, what we offer, and how to offer it,” says coffee farmer Denis Cortez. “We in the partnership organized ourselves, and now all get involved in working for the common good. We are more aware of the impacts of what

CENTRAL AMERICA – Guatemala and Honduras strengthen organizational and agricultural innovation systems

In the framework of the development of the CDAIS organizational analysis phase for the delivery of ‘innovation support services’, a workshop for facilitators from Guatemala and Honduras was held from 15 to 17 May 2018. The workshop aimed to develop skills for organizational analysis focused on bridging institutions that provide innovation support services. Participants from

HONDURAS – Story of change

Potato producers turn pest problems into policy processes “The CDAIS project brings an innovative methodology because it creates capacities in us as human beings” explains Carlos Valladares of the Intibucá Farmers Network. “This has improved our understanding of our situation, we have taken full responsibility for it, and are now better able to obtain and

Meet Honduras’ National Innovation Facilitators!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Julia! Meet Rudy! Meet Hector! Meet Arlis!

HONDURAS: Creating spaces and moving forward in Honduras

A busy four days in Honduras ended on Thursday 12 April with a meeting of the national CDAIS team in San Pedro Sula. National innovation facilitators reflected on progress in recent months in the ‘niche’ partnerships in which they work, under the guidance of CDAIS country programme manager Edgardo Navarro. The day’s discussions were facilitated

CENTRAL AMERICA – Honduras and Guatemala show great progresses in agricultural innovation systems

The CDAIS project, implemented in America Central by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) as the Agrinatura representative  and the FAO, organised a workshop around Facilitation of Innovation Processes, 5-9 February 2018, Guatemala City. Participants to the workshop were a group of 25 facilitators who accompany the different innovation partnerships: beans, potatoes, cocoa and

Poster Honduras

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Honduran posters on the publications page.

HONDURAS – Validation and Market Place

The Market Place event took place in Honduras on 31st of March 2017 in Tegucigalpa. It has been organized under the leadership of FAO (national office and Rome-based office) in partnership with Agrinatura/AICS and ICRA. Participants were the main stakeholders of selected niches (potatoes, coffee, cacao and beans) of Intibucá, Lempira, Atlántida y Olancho departments.

Beans, coffee and cocoa: Hondurans set priorities for innovation niches

Key stakeholders involved in different aspects of agriculture in Honduras gathered to analyze the needs and local priorities to better innovate in agriculture.  The inception workshop of CDAIS, in the capital city Tegucigalpa on 18-19 November 2015, served as a space to share and learn from all the involved parts about their interest and potential