National Project Steering Committee

The National Project Steering Committees (NPSC) will provide oversight and ensure the overall coordination of project activities at the country level.

Core Members of NPSC

  • National Project Coordinator (NPC) – appointed by governments from the most appropriate organization,  will  Chair the NPSC
  • FAO Country and Regional Focal Points (FAO Country Representative/Assistant Representative for Programmes)
  • AGRINATURA – EEIG Focal Person
  • Country Project Manager (ex-officio), recruited by FAO in consultation with AGRINATURA Focal Person and Government Representative EU Country Delegation Representative
  • Representative of EU Delegation


Responsibilities of NPSC

  • Ensure that the country project activities are in line with relevant government policies, FAO country frameworks and EU country agreements;
  • Provide oversight of the implementation of the project activities at the country level to be conducted by the appropriate national partners, FAO offices and AGRINATURA-EEIG members;
  • Review country annual workplans and budgets for approval by the project management  team;
  • Provide oversight to the country project manager, if recruited;
  • Hold regular committee meeting either virtual or face-to-face (bi-monthly or more frequent if required)   to assess progress;
  • Liaise with Government and other organizations, partners to ensure good collaboration and coordination for the implementation of the project activities;
  • Review and ensure annual reporting by the Country Project Manager/National Project Coordinator to the project management team and to the government and other organizations and partners in the country;
  • Provide political and institutional support for the project implementation;
  • Promote national ownership of the project activities.