Population 7.019.073
Country area 236.800 km²
Agricultural land 10.6 %
GDP per capita 5.400 USD
Dynamic datas are a cross-country analysis 


Agriculture plays an important role in the Laos’ economy, and employs an estimated 75% of its workforce. Rice is by far the major crop and makes up some 80% of the country’s agricultural production.

However, Laos is struggling with food security, to a large extent because of low agricultural productivity, and only 17% of the arable land is actually cultivated.

Latest news

Story of change – update from Laos

From fins to feathers: the power of trial and error – January 2019 – By Lampheuy Kaensombath and Syphachan Vannasy – Fall down seven times, stand up eight This old Japanese proverb is meant to encourage people to see what many might call ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn and grow. The CDAIS experience with

Story of Change – update from Laos

Scaling out pig production in Dong Kha to the district – January 2019 – By Lampheuy Kaensombath and Khamla Sengphaxaiyalath – Eight group members and two DAFO (government) staff spent a week in November 2018 in Vientiane learning to make sausages. Making sausages is not very difficult. Making good sausages is a little more difficult, but

Story of Change – update from Laos

Organic produce taking root in consumers’ minds – January 2019 –  As the Lao economy grows, so does demand for healthy food like organically grown fruits and vegetables. “We started a group to grow organic vegetables around 2012 and we tried again in 2015 with DAFO [government] support,” says Mrs Khammone, leader of the Tongmang

Laos – A story of change on agricultural innovation

Nurturing agents of change in agricultural innovation “Donor funded projects usually work separately from the government,” says Oudong Keomipheth, Deputy Director of the Planning and Cooperation Division, NAFRI and CDAIS Country Project Manager . “But instead of setting up their own office or partnering with a national NGO, CDAIS has partnered with us, the government.”

LAOS: A story of change on rice

From virtual reality to real-world change – using a simulation game to increase cooperation in a rice value chain I have been to many meetings about policy but never a meeting like this! The CDAIS simulation reflects the way people really work. You can see the real problems” says Mr Vixay Somchalern, head of the

LAOS – A Story of Change on pig production

Pig farmers building bridges to success “Working with CDAIS has given us not only knowledge and skills, but also the confidence to make connections with the government and other partners.” says Mrs Dao Sansihalath, member of the Xanakham women’s pig rearing group. “What we have learnt is practical and is helping us grow our business

LAOS – A Story of Change on cattle production

Cattle producers blazing new trails Smallholder farmers the world over like to raise cattle if they can and those in Lao PDR are no exception. “Cattle are our savings bank,” says Mr Phokham Keomanivong, a member of the Ban Keun cattle production group. “If you need money for an emergency or a special event like

Meet Laos’ National Innovation Facilitators and Country Project Manager!

The National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs) and the Country Project Manager (CPM) are the field staff working daily with partnerships for the CDAIS project. They are the ones who move forward the project, meet them here! Meet Khamla ‘Pern’ Sengphaxaiyalath! Meet Nikhom Chanphava! Meet Khamla Thammachak! Meet Syphachan ‘TouLee’ Vannasy! Meet Oudong Keomipheth! Meet Lampheuy Kaensombath!

LAOS – A Story of change on organic production

Sowing the seeds of an organic and nutritious future “We have changed already since CDAIS started working with us” said Mrs Khammone Luanglath. “Because of the project, we have for example divided our responsibilities within the group and our profits have increased.” The CDAIS project is working with a group of organic vegetable growers in

LAOS – A Story of change on rice production

Diversifying rice production with frogs, fish and more “I have seen my income grow since I started farming frogs and fish” says Bounlium Planethavong, “but other farmers need support to adopt the techniques I use.” The CDAIS project identified this innovation that increases and diversifies household income and nutrition by promoting the production of aquatic

Poster Laos

For its annual meeting in Laos, the CDAIS teams have prepared several posters to show recent activities and achievements in the eight pilot countries. Find the Laos posters on the publications page.

LAOS – a Market Place in Vientiane

A Market Place has been organized in Vientiane (Laos) in May 2017, to strengthen partnerships for capacity development for agricultural innovation systems. Read the FAO news here: http://www.fao.org/in-action/tropical-agriculture-platform/news-and-events/detail/en/c/895887/