Agrinatura-EEIG Task Team

Members of AAGRINATURA Task Team (ATT)

–       ICRA Country Focal Person – Ethiopia, Hanneke Vermeulen

–       CIRAD Country Focal Person – Laos, Patrick d’Aquino

–       CIRAD Country Focal Person – Burkina Faso, Aurelie Toillier

–       AICS Country Focal Person – Guatemala, Massimo Battaglia

–       AICS Country Focal Person – Honduras, Stefano Del Debbio

–       ISA Country Focal Person – Angola, Madalena Teles

–       NRI Country Focal Person – Bangladesh, Claire Coote

–       NRI Country Focal Person – Rwanda, Hans Dobson

–       ICRA Project Coordinator, Myra Wopereis

–       ICRA Director, Richard Hawkins

Responsibilities of ATT

  • Assure coordination in the planning, implementation and cross-country learning among the pilot countries of AGRINATURA-EEIG activities
  • Articulate coherence in project approaches and methodologies such as scoping study, needs assessment and CD intervention worldwide.
  • Ensure that each AGRINATURA Country Focal Person is supported in the implementation of country activities.
  • Hold monthly virtual meeting to review and plan activities.
  • Hold bi-annual face-to-face meetings (at least once a year a FAO representative should attend these meetings);
  • Provide feedback on the validation process of the TAP Framework on CD for AIS and project activities in general.