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GUATEMALA – A Story of Change on bees

Making the move from traditional to modern beekeeping From the Maya to modern times, beekeeping has been a much respected rural activity in Guatemala. Then in recent years, production increased and a national association was formed. But internal disagreements soon saw a fall in production and sales. Then thanks to CDAIS, producers across the country

GUATEMALA – Story of change on avocado

Moving from annual to tree crops – avocado farmers adapting and learning On 5 May 2018, the Association for Integrated Development of the Altiplano became formally established, and avocado farmers celebrated. “Today, we are so happy to have consolidated our consortium of eight producer associations from different municipalities in Sololá” explains Don Andrés, community leader

GUATEMALA – Story of change

Improving nutrition – from new partnerships promoting a new bean variety “Before, people were not really interested” says Lionel Ozorio, president of the ATESCATEL seed cooperative, “but CDAIS has helped to bring people together and now we see much more buy-in.” This innovation partnership is building key functional capacities amongst producer associations, and now, bringing

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