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HONDURAS – A Story of Change on beans

Building competence, confidence and pride amongst bean farmers “The empowerment of our organization was important, to realise our potential to access to finance, markets and to make bean cultivation more productive” expresses Moises Acosta, vice-president of the Honduran Seed Producers Network, “and the bean value chain is now being strengthened and made more sustainable.” He

HONDURAS – A Story of Change on cacao

Creating spaces for cacao producers to find new markets and build new capacities “CDAIS does not give us money, but it opens spaces for cacao producers, associations and industry to work together” says Sergio Segovia, president of the ASOPROCCAN association. Actors in the cocoa chain of Atlántida on the north coast are, thanks to CDAIS,

HONDURAS – A story of Change on coffee

Improving coffee quality and commercialization by promoting collaboration “We first needed to know who we are, what we offer, and how to offer it,” says coffee farmer Denis Cortez. “We in the partnership organized ourselves, and now all get involved in working for the common good. We are more aware of the impacts of what

HONDURAS – Story of change

Potato producers turn pest problems into policy processes “The CDAIS project brings an innovative methodology because it creates capacities in us as human beings” explains Carlos Valladares of the Intibucá Farmers Network. “This has improved our understanding of our situation, we have taken full responsibility for it, and are now better able to obtain and

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