The project Oversight Committee (POC)

The Project Oversight Committee (POC) serves as the governing body of the project and will provide direction, guidance and leadership in ensuring the effective implementation of the project and effectiveness of the activities. POC meets twice a year to i) review and approve project work plan and ii) review progress and achievements, making adjustments if necessary. Meetings can be face-to-face or virtual, depending on circumstances. Location of face-to-face meetings could be Rome, Montpellier/Paris or any of the pilot countries where the meeting can be organized back-to-back with a field activity in which both Agrinatura and FAO participate.

Members of POC

The Project Oversight Committee is composed of six (6) members:

Two (2) representatives of Agrinatura-EEIG:

  • Philippe Petithuguenin, vice-President, Agrinatura-EEIG (co-Chair alternating with FAO)
  • Richard Hawkins, Director, ICRA

Two (2) representatives of FAO – AGDR

  • Samy Ganji, Head AGDR, (co-Chair alternating with Agrinatura)
  • Karin Nichterlein, Technical Office, AGDR

One (1) representative of the TAP Steering Committee

  • Judith Francis, Chair of TAP Steering Committee

Project Coordinator as ex-officio member.

  • Myra Wopereis, Project Coordinator, ICRA (ex-officio)

Responsibilities of POC

  • Provide guidance and oversee the development of the overall CDAIS work plan and its effective implementation;
  • Review and validate annual work plans and budgets submitted by the project management team, before submission to the EC;
  • Ensure that the project is implemented by the relevant partners and institutions assigned, in line with the signed partnership agreement between AGRINATURA-EEIG and FAO.
  • Oversee and review of budget and contractual issues
  • Ensure that the resources available to the project are used as effectively as possible to achieve the project objectives and expected results, within the needs of the global TAP mechanism and the 8 pilot countries;
  • Evaluate risks associated with the project and identify plans/actions to mitigate the risks
  • Ensure that the respective work programmes of FAO and AGRINATURA-EEIG are effectively integrated and coordinated at country level to achieve the project objectives and expected results;
  • Resolve any conflicts of interest between AGRINATURA-EEIG and FAO that may arise in the course of the project implementation;
  • Provide advice to promote effective linkages with institutions and organizations at national and global level, including with the policy roundtable discussions, to further the overall objectives of the project and attract additional resources.
  • Hold meetings twice a year in an agreed location and most appropriate timing.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the project communication and visibility strategy.