Story of change

ETHIOPIA – A Story of change on chickpea

Innovating with chickpea cluster farming – listening and learning together Chickpea is an important crop in Ethiopia, but yields and grain quality remain poor. To help unlock the full potential, CDAIS has supported the value chain around the northern city of Gondar since 2016, in partnership with the N2Africa project. As a result of new

ETHIOPIA – Story of Change

The ‘need for seed’ improves agricultural yield, but requires more than just improved technologies To ensure food security, farmers must have access to quality seed, in adequate quantities. The government of Ethiopia acknowledges this, and has responded by investing in improving the seed sector. However, as this example shows, not all challenges can be overcome

ETHIOPIA Story of change

“We can achieve change only by promoting innovative ways to learn, reflect, and work together” “I see mindset shifts being promoted by CDAIS says Gemechu Nemie, director of the Ethiopian Animal Feed Industry Association (EAFIA) and a key member of the livestock feed safety and quality innovation niche. And this is the sort of change

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Getachew Asmare, national innovation facilitator, feed safety and quality’ innovation niche, Ethiopia, +251 9 12 69 22 05



Kebebe Ergano, lead national innovation facilitator (until 2017), Ethiopia, +251 91306116





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Endalkachew Abie, National Innovation Facilitators with the chickpea production and marketing partnership, +251 918098824




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