CDAIS International Forum

Strengthening functional capacities to innovate

13-14 May 2019

Gembloux, Belgium

The EU-funded Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS, was initiated in 2015. In May, partners will gather to share their experiences and knowledge from this project to a broader audience. And much has been learnt. We also invite those from other initiatives working on similar themes related to capacity strengthening in agricultural innovation, to join with us and communicate your experiences and knowledge. The aim, is to share and shape a path for action on how to strengthen functional capacities, and develop recommendations on to most effectively drive innovation processes in agriculture.


  • Share documented and scientific analysis of the relevance and applicability of the CDAIS Common Framework
  • Shape ideas and visions on how to mainstream the strengthening of functional capacities in the development agenda at national and global levels.


The CDAIS team including partners and beneficiaries from the eight pilot countries (Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Laos and Rwanda) will present their experiences and the knowledge gained through the strengthening of their capacities to innovate during the past 3-4 years. They would also like to listen to other similar or different initiatives related to strengthening capacities to innovate, in particular on the following.

  • Improved practices or innovations that have resulted from strengthened capacities, or that have failed because of a lack of adequate functional capacities.
  • Concepts based on analyses on how agricultural innovations can benefit (or not) from strengthened functional capacities.
  • Policies or investments that support or block agricultural innovation because of a limited knowledge of the benefits from improved functional capacities.


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Forum design

The CDAIS International Forum will see active interactions among participants, building a shared vision on how to advocate on the importance of functional capacities in the broader development agenda. This will be achieved through various sessions, to be centred on:

Sharing ideas, concepts, frameworks …

Sharing implementation realities …

Sharing evidence of impact …

… towards the strengthening of functional capacities to innovate in agricultural innovation systems


Venue and meeting places 


Come and join us in Gembloux, Belgium in May 2019
And be part of the change process towards improving agriculture innovation