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Team CDAIS Rwanda 2016
CDAIS Team 2016

CDAIS is a global partnership on capacity development for agricultural innovation systems.

Launched in 2015, the overall objective of CDAIS is  to make agricultural innovation systems more efficient and sustainable in meeting the demands of farmers, agri-business and consumers. This will help improve food security.

CDAIS operates in eight pilot countries, in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The capacity development interventions in these eight countries are demand-driven and integrates development of individual competencies and  organisational capacities with policy dialogues. The work will enable policies that promote improved capacity for agricultural innovation systems, for joint innovation and the organisational culture, practices and procedures of key stakeholder organisations.

Based on the lessons learnt from the pilot countries, CDAIS will strengthen the global mechanism launched by the G20 to facilitate capacity development in agricultural innovation in the tropics, called the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP). This includes the development of the so-called Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems.

CDAIS is a partnership between Agrinatura, a consortium of 31 European universities and research institutes, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).